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Welcome to the Transformers Xover Page...And to any who still come to this website, I know it hasn't been updated in over three years, and then for a major update, more than that. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I'll ever get back to this, so officially, this page is now in permanent stasis. The broken links to the present Fanfic Xovers I have on my HD and I might just create files for them on this site and leave it never to be touched. Or I might just delete everything...Eitherway, different turns in life not withstanding, it was great!

Smurfs VS The littles Vs The Transformers--written by David Filip

The Appointment (A Hercules TF X)--written by Birgit Staebler

The Transformers VS Sailormoon--written by Ron Keating & Justin Tucker

Dinobot meets Xena:Warrior Princess(BWs) 1 and 2--written by Linda Varner

The Black City (A Ghostbusters and TF X)--written by Birgit Staebler

KYTV-The Cybertronian War Special--written by Birgit Staebler

Sale of the 24th Century (A TF DS9 X)--written by Lizard

Assimilation Lizard (A Tf Startrek X )--written by Lizard

Operation Desert Storm--written by Lizard

The Revenge Of Bloodstone (A Starwars TF X)--written by Star Ruby

Transfer Of Leadership ( A TF Xmen X)--written by Star Ruby

Transformers VS Aliens--written by D. A. James

The X-Factor (A TF Xmen X)--written by Becky Roman

For The Love Of A Hologram(A TF Xmen GIJoe X)--written by Seneka

Targets ( A BWs and her continutiy X)--written by Birgit Staebler

The Transformers Meet The Reform Party!--written by Firebird

Top Ten Connections Between BWs and The Smurfs!--written by Ian Hollis and Patrick Mclaren

A Transformer/Gobot parody!--written by Alan J Laser

A TF and Animaniacs X--written by Diana Calder

An X-Files TF Cross!--written by Enkanica

Godzilla Found Dead!--written by Jeremy Ng

The Dinobots VS The Power Rangers--written by Mark Freeman

Grimlock VS Barney--written by Ivy Bohnlein

The TF's VS The Fluffy Bears--written by Michael Schwark

The Transformers Meet The Archies(zipped)--written by Janell Clark

Godzilla VS The Transformers--written by Sunstar

Mindgames (A TF/Oz X)--written by Suzanne Ferree

Collisions Of Time(Star Trek/TF X) 1-3 4-7 --written by Eric Garneau

Pinky And The 'Tron Ep#01--written by Eric Garneau

Godzilla VS Trypticon--written by Kevin J. Guhl

The Multiverse(TF/Xmen/Highlander and more X!) 1 2 3 --written by Thundershot

A Fun Story In WHich The Gobots Meet The Tfs --written by Kevin J. Guhl

The Sound Of Mercury(TF/Smoon X)--written by Seawave

Crystals,Decepticons And Scouts,OH MY!(TF/SMoon X)--written by Seawave

The Canning Jar (A TF/X-files X) --written by Tetra Reris

More Than Meets The Eye
Chapters :
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 --written by Scott Oliverson

A Certain Anonymous Middle-Eastern Dictator’s Elite Guard VS. Megatron and the Decepticon Imperial Armada --written by V.H. Dova

Ash Who? (A TF/Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness X) --written by Nicholas Skidmore

Wrong Identities --written by Wes Whitten

Some great fanfic pages:

Suzanne Ferree's Page.
Charlotte Brogden's TF page
Ben Thomas.
Beyond Imagination.
Ivy Bohnlein's fanfic page
Dark Angel's Transcript Site
Raksha's page
Star Ruby's domain
Robert E. Powers.
WWW Transformer Fanfic Page.
Seneka's Maximal Domain
Beast Wars Anonymous Fanficion Archives
Primacron's Transformers homepage
The_Firebird's Page
Gryph's Lair - The Main Page
Phantom's Fanfic Archive
Max's TF 2001 pages
Iggy's Page.
Transfiction Central
Dejanews ...not exactly a ffic site,but if you dig up ...
The Survivors Hompage

...and if these aren't enough...try this page on for size,by the way...has anyone ever visited *all* of them?!If so...that should be some kind of record...
The Complete Transformers Links Page.
I'd also like to thank Charl,Iggy,Suzanne Ferree, Phantom,Tronia,Primacron, Chris,Firebird and Gryph,Tetra Reris,for allowing me to link some (OK, *alot*!) 'fics to their pages!
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Any comments,questions,flames,fanfics,info,links,presents,prizes,toys,are welcome! (flames strictly for entertainment purposes.......whether meant so or not! ;o)

Throw some mail my way!

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LEGAL STUFF~ The Transformers belongs to Hasbro,Kenner etc,etc,in other words,not me!This page wasn’t created to infringe in any way,but for entertainment,even (dare I think?) educational purposes only—I ‘m not making any money off of this,heck,I don’t even know *how* I could but...let me first finish before I ramble on forever down here...the stories and OCs belong to their authors,and am I forgetting anything?You know,you always see the legal writing on all these transformer pages and think,yeah yeah,but when *you* have to write it...sheesh.Anyone even *reading* this?! PS-- If you did...and understood...you have great eyesight!

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